tenacity isn’t much to live on

calling dead
before blood and body
with the emphasis on the ’t’
and all those bits of teeth
out in the world
open-air misted
fist and pissed
and kicking down
out to the curb
sputter and choke
taste of gutter
and a bit of song
half a block up
something muttered
no grunted
as much as growled
garbage taken out
sitting up later
too disoriented
and head-swoll
to know just how lucky
they are to be alive
if they can get through the night
awake through the swelling
maybe it’s worth a trip to the e.r.
but even now
in this state of no how
they know better
because even the insurance won’t be enough
and there’s already 60 a week it’s taking
just to scrape the bottom
living in a tent sucks most of the time
buying the cheapest cold thing
thinking only of icing
and the luxury of aspirin
if they could just rest a minute
they can get through the night


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook: facebook.com/MolyTov
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