I don’t mean that
But I really feel stupid
When someone tells me
They dig something I’ve done

I think it stems from
Never being told
I’d done a good anything
My youth was a barrage of bad
People were only nice to use me
Which is why kindness
And support make me wary
Like I’m going to get Carrie’d
And now I flinch

I fucking panic out-right
If there’s respect there
Because there’s no fucking way
It’s going to end well
And on the rare occasions
I’ve let it raise my damned spirits
In the slightest
It’s set me up to fall even lower
To hurt more

And at some point
You start to feel
It’s not worth trying
So I curled into a fucking ball
And nearly shriveled up
Laying in the dark

I prayed for death
And she wanted to come
But the delay in traffic
It kept me here just long enough

Help beat Her by minutes
I still don’t see this as fortuitous
But I’m also not ungrateful
I just haven’t made up my mind

And that
I guess
Is why I keep Her number
In my phone


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook:
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