I’m sitting here feeling blank
I’m feeling like I’ve lost Purity of Essence
I’m drained
I’m in that shitty mood
Where everything I do is shit
I’m rocking shit goggles
I’m awful sucky ditzy dumb
I’m a burn out
A trout out of water
A sandpiper covered in oil
I’m the plastic caught around a neck
I’m that shit that comes out after an enema
I’m a flower after a lawnmower
I’m a sower of discontent
I am the bad element
I am the reason all the nice things break
I am the guest no one wants at the party
I am an uncomfortable sweater of obligation
I am the nation of unpleasant pleasantries
I am the one at the back making everyone uncomfortable
I am the guy who coughs
I am the fucking fun police


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook:
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