The Shift and I Argue (Poem 28 of 30: 2016)

So fucking what
It’s great and all but you’ve no excuse for the time you wasted
You should have been here weaving your small intestine into the projector
You should have been converting your fingers into bloody tracers
You should have been birthing and shredding your babies on the cubicle floor
Menially dissecting the unnecessary parts of your optical nerves
Numbly smashing your feet with a rubber mallet
You should have been here
Converting tissues into carbon
You should have been here
But you were slacking
Lacking any common sense
Or you would have been here with us

This chiding shielded in guilting and curtailing
Hides the root of this failing
The phrasing, “Common sense”
That perverse misnomer
Monomer of the wanderlust
The animal instinct to run from predators
It’s in the guts they want out
That we sense the danger
Eroding our connection to our nature
That our experience can be neatly covered over
By post scripts, annotation, revisionist historian rhetoric
Your senses aren’t the liars
It’s the box you stuff them in
Omission of fact does not banish truth

Sorry I’m late, long day, and I forgot my password, then I locked my dumbass out, etc. I fucked up, but here’s a poem anyway. Not sure about it, never am. I left off the last line, and I’ll regret it. I’m sure I will…


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