Licking K2 (Poem 18* of 30: 2016)

I’m not bored
I’m just nervous

Things have been going well for too long
And I’m realizing too late that
I have a hereditary fear of heights
For now, curiosity and a need to see guide me

Will I make it to the pinnacle

Will I be a frozen reminder to future climbers

Will I develop the tawny of cowardice
In the face of some obstacle ahead
Head back to basecamp
And live scarred by regret

I don’t know
I can speculate
No doubt, things will go wrong
But they will mostly go right
Until something doesn’t
This will not be of much consequence to me, however
As I will be dead
So, I won’t have to deal with my mangled
Ice-bound carcass in some crevasse

What I’m getting at here
Is similar to the reason
People used to keep skulls
On their desks
Life is fleeting
No guarantees
Buses and lighting and sinkholes
So, do shit while there’s time to get shitting
You know, fuck like no-one’s watching
And dance like it’s the end of days or dates

I don’t know
I’m very tired
And I’m sick today
I’m just afraid I’m going to fall
I keep reminding myself
That fretting is a waste of precious sand
But I know it’s coming
It’s the when that makes me so nervous

*Sorry I’m late, sick as a fucking puke-slick on the open ocean.


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