P.T. Barnum Was Right (Poem 9 of 30: 2016)

P.T. Barnum Was Right
(Or Tickets to an Execution)

There was a circus in town
It blew in with the wind

Everyone came out to picnic
And laughed as children played
Frolicking with the inner puppies of their dogs

There was a monk swaddled in robes, sandals, and hunting cap
Who brought a sublime, if somber, pomp to the spectacle

The banker caught whiff of the fire-sale opportunity
And ran out into the crowd screaming about savings
Never to be heard from again

And the nazis came by to tell everyone
About the taco party they were throwing
To bring the community together
Mistaking a Comanche for a Parker
Before moving on to spread the mood
With their matching neck tattoos

Even the poets came out to take pictures
Teenagers posed for selfies
To prove they had been there
While a student of the humanities was seen puking
After capturing a sunset in the opposite direction

Such an influx of traffic that some were overheard
Voicing concern about how they would get home
Unable to get in on the good time
Their’s was just somewhere more important to be
The vulgarity of the flash-mob carnival
Too grotesque for empathetic constitutions

The party that surrounded this skilled performance
Of volunteer PhD’s spread cross-county before nightfall
Radio bands set ablaze and scanners everywhere blown up
And by its end half the tristate knew what was going down

Those who bore witness would be quietly envied
For their timing and their schadenfreude
A once-in-a-life-time happening
On otherwise quiet streets
A calamity, a catastrophe
A fucking Friday


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