3 of 30: 30/30 Challenge 2016

I feel like typing rather than writing today
Which is probably because of the typewriter poem
I blame it on that
Which is funny because I wrote the typewriter poem
I did not type it
Not on a keyboard
Not on a typewriter
I scribbled it southpaw into the generic sketchbooks I use in lieu of notebooks
Because lines feel like limitations
And more honestly and practically
If you plan to doodle or draw or dabble
You must be a dancer in a thong
Obvious, I guess, but truthful

Back to this poem 3 of 30 nonsense
I had planned to write a poem about my migraine
I named it yesterday
Which will be two days ago when I post this
And in the future it will be more accurate to say,
“On April 2nd, 2016”

I named that fucking Migraine
I named it Zeke
And to speak of it or him or it in the past tense
Isn’t accurate as I write this, no
It or he or it is still harassing me
It’s the reason for one measly typewriter poem and I’m pissed
Mostly because I get two very different types of Migraines and this is not the fun kind
Migraine Zeke is the kind that needs a name like Migraine Zeke
Because Migraine Zeke reminds me of a hurricane
He (or it) has fucked every blood vessel from eye to brain to temple
Every light is stabbed-open tin can
Sounds are compressions shifting the contents of sinuses
I’m terse and I’m irritable
I’m a bowel of a human being
The way one gets when the bad kind of pain comes to roost
The constant ice ache becomes exhaustive
It drains the energy reserved for compassion
Waking up to another day of it just feels oppressive, excessive, personal, and insulting

A Migraine is a fuck you to any sort of day you might have had
You will spend it instead placating the worst of house guests
Uninvited and unwelcome, but he’s your mother’s brother
So you’re stuck and double fucked
Now shut that pretty mouth
Take a handful of ibuprofen
Leave the lube in reaching distance
And accept the over-the-barrel style punishment
Your uncle is about to server up



About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook: facebook.com/MolyTov
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One Response to 3 of 30: 30/30 Challenge 2016

  1. jdoublep says:

    piss off, zeke.

    Liked by 1 person

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