selfie_finalI made this to tuck into a collage of selfie polaroids for something (I tend to avoid being photographed… like some sort of.. sub-urban Sasquatch.)…. Came out better than expected, I feel like I say that a lot. Damned nullified self-worth value (selfworthval:0). fucker.

And another thing, what the fuck is with this sudden heat (I live in Jersey)? It went from freezing to inside a pair of basketball shorts like that. **snaps fingers** And all I keep thinking of is a line from Throw Mama from the Train, “The night was sultry.”

In other N.E.W.S., I’ve finished a pigeon painting (part of my series on pigeons) which I will post eventually. So. Stay tuned for that..


P.S. Part of my wants to call this Shiroi Kabocha.

P.P.S. Don’t shake your polaroids people, just don’t. I know hollywood makes it look glamorous, all the badass villains back in the day shaking them photos like it was going out of style but it’s just plain bad. Bad for you, bad for the photo. Think of polaroid film as a mogwai: no sunlight, don’t expose it to water, but instead of the feeding-it-after-midnight schtick insert DON’T fucking shake it. It causes all sorts of fuckery. Remember kids: When using outdated instant photography techniques that take 45 minutes to develop, cool kids don’t shake.


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