Rats with Wings

I’ve always thought Pigeons fairer than their dove cousins
The iridescence of their plumage
Reminiscent of the oil setting on asphalt
In the sunny wake of spring rain
They’ve always garnered my respect
Like any creature coexisting within human civilization
Where you might see rats with wings
I see an avian marvel exuding quiet dignity
Undeterred by manifest adversity
Still carrying themselves with such poise
Despite the humiliation of scavenging our scraps
Despite our every attempt to expunge them
They mock us, shit on us mid-flight, chortling
Soaring so frustratingly out of reach
Their ability to adapt
Guerrilla insurrection
Defying our war on nature
The epitome of resilience, the Pigeon
Where the dove would shrivel and die
The Pigeon not only survives but thrives
So keep your dove of hope
And I’ll pray to the Pigeon of Perpetuity


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook: facebook.com/MolyTov
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