PolitiCo (A Poem)

This time of year I used to say check out some third parties
Tell me there isn’t someone more deserving of that vote
You were statistically unlikely to cast anyway
But now?
That seems pointless.

The reality is that we live in a world where votes are bought and sold
Economically processed as commodities
Investing bloody billions on perpetuating your ignorance
The wit-shaped hinderance that tricks you into believing your labor is worthless
That twists your instincts
Into tripping up your thinking
Preventing you from seeing
That a binary decision is an obvious falsehood
A fear-based brow beating that forces you to constrain your awareness to blacks and whites
Totally negating an infinite spectrum

You say it’s tradition
That it has always been this way but it’s a lie
It’s horse shit and floor scraps steeped in ammonia
Like the untruth that redefines need to narrow
And claims the problem is resolved
When the data was distorted to perverse confines
Leaving families, someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, lover
Fellow human in the cold
When there are two empty houses for every one of them

But still the man is the tax collector, shambling shape-shifter
Who charges for the death, corruption, and autism of our children
In lead and nuclear pitch-shifted heavy water
When billionaires can declare bankruptcy
Not once but four and more
But student loans haunt you decades later

When cancer treatment is a 9 billion dollar a year cash sucker
We’re the suckers sucking
But saying doctors should be a luxury
When you can’t afford insurance
And get charged for the courtesy
They say it’s socialist
But I’m asking, isn’t this what you are taxing me for?

How is it that the guy cleaning your shit
Is surprised to be treated like a person?
When his labor allows you to do yours and more
Why should he be valueless?
When one man has 40 Billion with a B
Or a K
Or a Z
And I agree in a need for money, honey
But the more you take the more you put back in seems fair
So the people who broke their backs to get you there get their share
Those who are literally freezing and being given lead poisoning
Or on the reservation camps
Where their water is tainted with radioactive material
When New Jersey leads the nation in LD
I’m seriously asking

And another question:
Does any of this trickle-down exploitation
Seem at all like a pyramid scheme to you?
Does any of this seem ethical to you?
Are moral and ethical the same to you?
It’s a purposeful shame if you confuse the two
Because one should affect policy
And the other?
Just you.

America should mean freedom for all
Not the freedom of you
Or a ridiculous and dark-hearted, cruel-intentioned few
If this is America, aren’t we supposed to be the best?
Shouldn’t we lead by example
Instead of nuclear stockpiles and drone strikes
Civilian casualties and gun violence
We could be known for our compassion
We could lead in education
Instead of indentured service positions
Built on the bloody tears and broken dreams of graduate students
Who find it hard to live when they’re paid in experience

And if we are a land of liberty
Why are we engaged in mass incarceration?
And why are we spreading bigotry amongst ourselves
In the form of valueless difference shaming
When the enemy isn’t you or me
It’s the fuckers who didn’t pay something like 35 billion
Hidden on islands and overseas
Funds we needed here not padding gilded banker’s accounts
The very same that deny an education
The reasoning being it’s beyond our means
Forcing us to continue rather than break the cycle
Serving up subversion as choice

When Chris Christie is allowed to govern a state
That he was in for less than 52 to 72 percent of the time
Even in a conservative fuzzy math’d way
He couldn’t bother to be half-invested in us
But he loves big Pharma
And he loves his hedonism
But, man, does he have a problem
With a taxable, green-based, farm-based solution
Here’s an idea:
Invest in our infrastructure
The way you invested in that advert-hack-job campaign
The one that said we were stronger than the storm
The one with your face drilled, plastered, veneered to it
Leering out from it with that sick fucking grin
You pocketed pissant

Oh, and I’m sorry for the political rant
But when did democracy become doublespeak for oligarchy?


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook: facebook.com/MolyTov
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