Laughing Disease (Community for Cannibals)

Let’s create a community
A Community for Cannibals
That none of us should feel that Lonesome
Let’s congregate freely; Unashamed and honest

Because it only seems strange when labeled so
By a body formed from unsympathetic nerves
Let’s consume the body of the majority
For they are our brothers

Let’s create a place
For the people who are like us
That we might feast upon the flesh of those that aren’t
Because they are our brothers
And because they are our brothers
We MUST eat them

So, Let’s go together
Let’s pick our teeth
With the bones of those
Would call us creeps
Let’s jump into uncharted waters
And find out what a little cooperation
And a shovel can accomplish

Together we can laugh away the days
As the prions wear our brains
We can measure the rest of our lives in colors and experience
We can live removed from the concept of division
We can live in a world of One-ness
Rather than a world of them-versus-us-ness

So let’s get together and create our own community
A Community for Cannibals


About Moly

Average, boring, self-involved human. Twitter: @CultOfCocktails Facebook:
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