Free of Will

I’m published! Holy fuck, I’m fucking published.. First time out and I got accepted. The piece is available here.

Let me trek back a bit, I was sitting and I was staring at a blank canvas and rather than pick up a brush I ended up picking up a marker. I hurriedly scribbled down a poem on the back in about 5 minutes and moved on. I ended up submitting it and it was accepted by the Lehigh Valley Vanguard which just blew me the fuck away to tell true. The painting below, of the same name, was inspired by the poem. They are both titled Free of Will. I hope you’ll check it out and I hope you dig it. I’m just so grateful and stunned.

Yours in disbelief,



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2 Responses to Free of Will

  1. roguesandpark says:

    The poem was a good read. Short and intense 😀


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