The Sensory Barrage Series: Urine (or 5am shenanigans)

Oh you. Oh urine.
Playful arc of gilded stream ribboning
Jubilantly dribbling into porcelain bowl
A surprising spectrum
From the beer-stained deep dark of dehydrated hangover youth
To the crystal clear of the perfectly hydrated marathon man
The vibrant Valencia medication leaks
Into the frightening viridescent fungal piss
The burnt umber of internal failure
And the rubricated detritus of kidney stones past
A true spectrum of fascination
Frothy majesty, the familiar waveform
A strangely specific PSI
Mysteriously humiliating
Relatable, laughable symphonies of water jets and babbling brooks
Gently bubbling
Painfully dripping, ripping through
The reek of asparagus
The salty morning benign routine release
The dry acrid sting of soupy whiskey
The kick-in-the-teeth ammonia cooked into hot summer concrete
Iron-misted coffee-binge scented air
Steamy, salty, fresh-from-the-source to eager, open mouth liquid gold
Sweet diabetic bottled and on lips
Bitter, days-old, refined, hair-on-chest, rank prank-piss
Chugging and glugging by the gallon in shaming ritual rite of passage happy pee time party piss
The golden shower
Wet-working Urolagnian delight
Sterile yet discomforting
Sneaking out of fitful laughter
Excruciatingly in on that last mile home
So good, so bad, so satisfying
Gratifying painful playful piss-play
A broken seal
Drain the main (the ship’s going down)
Take a seat, take a leak, take a pit-stop
A daily, inescapable, living, binding activity
Waste excretion siphoning off excess and toxic material from loving kidneys
Barometer of the renal system
Magical, universal, miracle secretion
Sweet fucking piss!

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